Jim Morrison and Doors in History for February Explore Jim Morrison and The Doors place in a unique timing, and the cultural, social and historical events which led up to that time
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Jim Morrison was an avid reader, with a wide range of interests in literature, art, music, philosophy, politics, history, spirituality, religion, science and popular culture. His stunning intelligence gave him a thirst to learn, and the ability to see beyond the obvious. This compendium of historical events is created in the spirit of that intelligence and curiosity, without limits.
“He was probably one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met. Extraordinarily well read. But there was a sense of intelligence about him that went beyond the academic. There was that sense of philosophical curiosity that had nothing to do with book learning. There was a sense of wiseness and maturity that he had about him that goes beyond a university degree...

“And a sense of curiosity about the world that surpassed anyone else that I knew at the time. It wasn’t just the degree from UCLA and what he learned out of books or the titles of his library; which were extensive, but that sense of self-knowledge that went beyond what most people at that age, at that time, would even begin to think about.

“Sometimes when I was typing up his poems, I’d come across word and I didn’t know what it meant, and I’d say what does this mean? And he would give me the history of the word. If that word was specific to something, he would give me some of the history that was going on around the time, so I would have an idea really what that word meant in time and space. That kind of knowledge.”

~Kathy Lisciandro
Jim Morrison has had a tremendous impact on my life in numerous ways, but perhaps it is this curiosity Kathy speaks of which has affected me the most. In compiling the history for this site, I have allowed that curiosity which was inspired by Jim to guide me in my choices. The final product you read in these pages is at this time, the result of more than a year of research, and when this history section is finished, it will represent more than two years work. But in reality, although it is very time consuming, it doesn’t really feel like work, because it is so fascinating, and so delightful to me. I owe a debt of gratitude to Jim Morrison for inspiring this curiosity which has provided me with so much delight and joy. I sincerely hope that you will find even a small degree of this delight within these virtual pages.

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