1846 - The first issue of the Daily News, edited by Charles Dickens, is published.

1919 - Ernest Hemingway returns to America after his World War I experiences. His short story Soldier’s Home chronicles his distaste for being thought of as a war hero, but according to some, he courted a good deal of the adulation, walking around Oak Park on his crutches. His parents were eager for him to get past his recuperation stage and get on with some kind of life.

1929 - Harry Crosby asks Hart Crane if The Black Sun Press can publish his as yet unfinished poem The Bridge.

1939 - Midnight Special DJ Wolfman Jack (Bob Smith), is born in Brooklyn, New York.

1941 - Richie Havens is born.

1942 - Motown singer Edwin Starr will always be remembered for “War! Huh! Good God y’all, What is it good for? Absolutely NOTHIN’”. He is born today in Nashville.

1945 - Troggs guitarist Chris Britton is born in Watford, England.

1950 - George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair), author of Animal Farm and 1984, dies from tuberculosis in London at 46.

1957 - Chuck Berry records School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell) with Johnny Johnson on piano; Hubert Sumlin on guitar; Willie Dixon on bass; and Fred Below on drums, at Chess Records in Chicago.

1957 - NBC broadcasts the first videotaped television program.

1959 -Cecil B(lount) de Mille pioneer blockbuster Hollywood producer, dies at 77.

1965 - The Animals cancel a show for New York's Apollo Theater after the U.S. Immigration Department, continuing its crackdown on U.K. bands, forces the group to leave the theater. Their only New York appearance is on the Ed Sullivan Show.

1966 - Beatle George Harrison marries his longtime girlfriend, fashion model Patti Boyd at the Registry Office in Epsom, England. Paul McCartney and Beatles manager Brian Epstein are the best men. The two met on the set of the Beatles' first movie, A Hard Day's Night.

1966 - The Grateful Dead, the Loading Zone and Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters all perform at the Trips Festival, held in San Francisco's Longshoremen's Hall.

1977 - President Jimmy Carter issues an amnesty proclamation that would cover most Vietnam draft-evaders.

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