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1512 - Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon sighted Florida. 457 years later, Jim Morrison is cited in Florida.

1914 - NYC born, and Hollywood raised novelist and screenwriter Budd Schulberg is born. He was well-known for his screenplay for On the Waterfront (1954), which won eight Academy Awards.

1924 - Jazz singer and pianist Sarah Vaughan is born in Newark, New Jersey. She made her debut at the Apollo Theater in Harlem — she sang Body and Soul for an amateur contest, and won. She sang with Earl 'Fatha' Hines, the singer Billy Eckstine, and picked up the nickname 'The Divine One.'

1927 - Record executive Mo Ostin is born in New York. The artist-friendly legend ran Reprise with Frank Sinatra, signed Jimi Hendrix, and helped lure R.E.M. to Warner Bros.

1948 - No. 1 on the BIllboard Pop chart is Manana (Is Enough for Me) by Peggy Lee. The singer performed with Benny Goodman from 1941-43 and appeared in the films Mister Mister (1950) The Jazz Singer (1953) and Pete Kelly's Blues (1955).

1958 - Robert Lockwood Jr. knows how to celebrate - he spends his 43rd birthday playing guitar with guitarist Eugene Pearon, Lafayette Leak on piano, Willie Dixon on bass, and Fred Below on drums as they accompanied Sonny Boy II for the recording of Your Funeral And My Trial at the studios of Chess Records in Chicago.

1963 - Movie Director Quentin Tarantino is born. He single-handedly resuscitated the career of John Travolta years after his failure to secure the role of Jim Morrison.;)

1964 - The British Invasion makes it around the globe as the Beatles occupy the top six spots in the Australian pop chart.

1965 - Following Eric Clapton's departure, the Yardbirds replace the guitarist with Jeff Beck.

1967 - The Young Rascals record their future No. 1 smash Groovin'.

1967 - The Rolling Stones play in Sweden. The audience responds with thrown bottles, chairs, and firecrackers.

1968 - The Doors attend The Group Image Show at The Hotel Diplomat, New York City.

1970 - Ihor Todoruk presents the Jim Morrison Film Festival at The Queen Elizabeth and Orpheum Theaters in Vancouver, British Columbia. The festival is a benefit for Canada's Poppin Magazine.

1971 - The New York Times reports New York radio station WNBC has banned the song One Toke Over the Line by Brewer & Shipley because of its alleged drug references. Other stations around the country follow suit. The composer of the tune, Tom Shipley, responds, 'In this electronic age, pulling a record because of its lyrics is like the burning of books in the Thirties.'

1972 - Elvis Presley records what will be his last major hit, Burning Love, which makes it to #2 in October.

1973 - Cops pull over the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia in New Jersey for speeding. They also find LSD in his car. Garcia spends three hours in jail.

1979 - Eric Clapton marries Patti Boyd, the ex-wife of George Harrison, in Tucson, Arizona.

1993 - Clifford Jordan dies of cancer in Manhattan at age 61. Jordan was a jazz saxophonist and big-band leader known for his improvisations and his light, floating approach. He recorded more than 35 albums.

1998 - Alice Cooper breaks ground for his new Cooperstown Restaurant in his hometown of Phoenix.

Doors History Spotlight: Group Image Show

The Group Image Show is a benefit dance held every Wednesday, which promises 'the best in lights, music and surprises.' The Doors respond not only by attending, but by screening The Unknown Soldier to the delighted and enthusiastic audience.

Doors History Spotlight: Jim Morrison Film Festival

The highlight of the Jim Morrison Film Festival is the world premiere of HWY. Other presentations include Granada Television's Doors Are Open, Elektra Records promotional Break On Through and the Doors own The Unknown Soldier.

Jim Morrison intends to go to the festival with Frank Lisciandro, and make a public appearance there. They are enroute from his trial in Phoenix, when a friend in San Francisco recommends that he reconsider leaving the country in light of his legal difficulties. He sends the promoters a telegram, explaining his predicament, and wishes them the best of luck.

The festival is presented at The Queen Elizabeth Theater, with the exception of HWY, which is screened at The Orpheum Theater.

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